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Solution Building Couples Therapy Training

The purpose of The Connie Institute is to promote the use of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy in working with couples through the use of Solution Building Couples Therapy. Solution Building Couples Therapy (SBCT) is an approach to marriage counseling that is rooted in the Solution Focused Approach and allows couples to build relationships based on their successes and the factors that brought them together and make them work together. Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, The Connie Institute has provided training and workshops across Texas, throughout the country, and even over seas in places such as England, Scotland, Sweden, Canada, Poland, and Holland.

The Connie Institute is also the global leader in training materials related to using the Solution Focused Approach and solution building in couples therapy. The training materials include solution focused book publications, research study results, audio and videos of sessions, and more.

News & Notes

Registration for Harry Korman’s “Sharpening the Tool of Language in Solution Focused Work” is Now Open

What are the the kind of stories we like and believe are useful for our clients? How does this preference show itself in the presuppositions in our questions and in what we choose (deliberately or not) to emphasize? How do we turn problem talk into solution talk? How can we deliberately and responsibly influence the versions of past, present and future realities that we co-construct with our coaching clients?

Harry hopes that this workshop will invite you to better understand and select your contributions. He gives no guarantees though that it will make a difference in your practice. For details about this exciting event, please click here.

To download the event flyer, please click here.

Registration for The 2014 SBCT Summit is Now Open

The second annual Solution Building Couples Therapy Summit is coming to Fort Worth, Texas on August 15-16, 2014. This event is focused on teaching and advancing the use of the Solution Focused Approach in couples therapy! The workshops and plenaries of this summit will be interactive and utilize the use of live session demonstrations, video examples from real sessions, and much, much more! For details, click here.

Our updated 2014 Events Flyer is now available

Click here to download a copy of our updated 2014 flyer containing information about some of the biggest Connie Institute events of the year!

Our new book is now available!

The Connie Institute is very excited to announce that our new book, The Solution Focused Marriage: 5 Simple Habits That Will Bring Out the Best in Your Relationship, is now available in our bookstore and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.  This book, written by Elliott Connie, explains five habits that can turn things around and bring out the absolute best in any relationship.